Supplements for Mental Health Professionals

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Even the best available medical treatments don't work for everyone. Seeking other sources of relief, roughly four in 10 Americans- and as many as half of those with psychiatric disorders- use herbal supplements and other types of complementary practices in any given year.

This course will help you in being more confident and effective in discussing supplements with interested clients. Dive into current research and evidence on supplements and mental health and gain access to high-quality PDF handouts to guide you in how to discuss supplements with clients while having ethics and safety in mind.

Juniper Owens

Co-Founder + Director
Juniper's passion lies in environmental and social justice-based community work and activism. They have a lifetime of wilderness experience that is utilized in her work with clients and the Academy.

Nicole Sartini

Co-Founder + Educator
Nicole is a leader in the field of mental health and leadership development. She facilitates talks in corporate settings on self-care, work-life balance, and empowered living utilizing an integrative approach.

Stephanie Batts

Course Creator + Editor
Stephanie began her career helping teens and their families in crisis situations and now works with a diverse population of clients. She is passionate about creating resources to help clients utilize integrative practices.

Rozlyn Newman

Social Operations + Editor
Rozlyn's education in psychology and correctional rehabilitation inspired her interest in integrative care. She assists the Academy in presenting a cohesive, inviting introduction to integrative mental health.

Laurel Sims-Stewart

Content Developer + Editor
Laurel specializes in trauma, anxiety, mood disorders, and life stage transitions. She has always gravitated towards an integrative, insight-based approach that includes elements of mind, body, and spirit in her work.

Natoya Jones

CEU Manager + Consultant
Natoya has extensive experience in educational leadership and school improvement coaching. She believes in empowering those around her towards success, whether it be personal, professional, or spiritual.