The Art of Sustainable Helping: Becoming a High-Level Compassion Athlete - Zoom Seminar

Whether we are therapists, social workers, activists, or non-profit employees, relentlessly helping others without burning out is endlessly challenging. Rooted in the technology of compassion and attention-based wellness, The Art of Sustainable Wellness is a 90-minute seminar designed to prevent compassion fatigue for change-makers. Even more, this program can do more than prevent burnout, and actively increase the energy of change-makers in whatever context they choose.

August 18th, 2023 @ 3:30-5 PM EST via Zoom

August 18th, 2023   |   3:30 - 5 PM EST
via Zoom

15 Min: Introduction of importance of sustainability in helping practices

30 Min: Explore the science of mindfulness-based and compassion-based practices

15 Min: Q&A

30 Min: Final discussion of how to use mindfulness and compassion practices to help increase energy in helping professions

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the role of sustainability in burnout prevention and helping practice.
  2. Understand the science of mindfulness-based practices, and how to use mindfulness to reduce compassion fatigue.
  3. Understand the science of compassion-based practices, and how to use compassion-based practices to reduce compassion fatigue.
  4. Learn practices to actively increase energy in helping professions, with a focus on value-aligned helping practices.

Continuing Education

This training is...
  • approved for 1.5 CE Hours through the National Association of Social Workers Kentucky Chapter. Approval #050522
  • approved  for 1.5 CE Hours through the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. Course #20-915813
  • pending  1.5 Hour CEU approval through Ohio CSWMFT Board.

Dr. Broderick Sawyer

Psychologist, Activist & Consultant

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Originally a college basketball player from a small Connecticut city on the edge of NYC, Broderick Sawyer is now a clinical psychologist, teacher, activist and consultant living in Louisville, KY. In his graduate training, he studied mindfulness meditation, compassion, and behavioral techniques for healing racial trauma and other forms of generational harm.

Seeing the transformational power of attention and compassion skills within himself and former patients, Broderick shifted to teaching outside of the therapy room. His goal was to remove the barriers to learning accurate mental health information, especially for change-makers (i.e., non-profit employees, activists, therapists, etc.), and those who don't have access to 1 on 1 psychotherapy.

Dr. Sawyer now personally collaborates with non profit businesses, therapy clinics, universities, grassroots organizers, and other organizations, to provide custom-fitted training events, psychology curriculum for in-depth skill-building, and ongoing consultation and mentoring.

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